02 January 2009


I find it hard to believe myself, but Betty Jo and I have been married for a year now and couldn't be happier. If you didn't know, we are expecting the birth of our first child in August and can't wait for that glorious event. This past year has been amazing. Betty Jo is such an amazing woman and I am very honored to be married to her. Over the course of the past year, we had the opportunity to travel to many different places, an activity that we both truly love.
Here is a list of our travels during 2008. We were able to visit Betty Jo's brother and sister-in-law over Spring Break. They live in Mississippi. In April, we spent a weekend in Saint Louis, Missouri. In May, we went to Kentucky Kingdom, a theme park in Louisville, Kentucky. We went with my brother Jared and his girlfriend Emily. Over the summer, we went to Holiday World, a theme park located in southern Indiana, Cincinnati and King's Island, and Utah. Our trip to Utah was particularly special because we toured our missions and got to see many friends and family. This past fall, we went to Lexington, Kentucky to tour the Univ. of Kentucky (potential grad. school) and Michigan (to attend one of my friend's wedding and to check out another grad. school).
As you can see, we love to travel and are excited about our next adventure....Disney World in March. It'll probably be the last big trip we take, especially with a baby on the way. My goal is to post pictures from all of these trips, so look for those in future posts. Happy 2009 and have a wonderful day!

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