10 October 2010

Counting our Blessing

This week has been a week of stress and confusion for most of us in the SOLOMON family. My Dad had a massive stroke this this week and has been in the hospital and even though I'm not close to my dad I still feel bad that he's very sick and that now his life probably will never be the same again. He will (most likely) never be able to live alone and will be in nursing home. My poor sister has had to make some hard decisions because she is the only one that has been able to be there...she has made a lot of sacrifices to be at the hospital to hear whats going on. My Brother, Tommy, came home from Mississippi and my sisters, Trinna and Tonya and I all got a chance to hang out yesterday. The reunion was bittersweet. I really wish that we could have all been together for 'happier' reasons, but I feel that since we are all moving away from home (and away from each other) our reunions will be more bittersweet when we do all come home again. With all that sadness though, there is always SO much laughter when we get together (normally at my suspense). My siblings are a riot...two of the four of us have children, Annalyse and Kirsten, and the two of them turn anything gloomy in to sunshine from our Heavenly Father. Kirsten is the Apple of Tommy's eye and you can totally tell...and Annalyse is always doing something new, cute and funny that makes us all go...'awwe'.

I titled this post as 'counting our blessings' because there is TONS for us to be thankful for andtothank our Heavenly Father for...even when things go bad. There is a Hymn in our LDS hymnbook (its in many hymn books in churches all over the world not just LDS hymn books) and when things are just going rotten I turn to this hymn a lot when I'm thinking about bad stuff.
When upon life's billows you are tempest-tossed
When you are discouraged thinking all is lost,
Count your many blessings; name them one by one
And it will surprise what the Lord has done
There is a lot more to the hymn, but that for some reason Blogger won't let me copy and paste all the lyrics and typing them all out means a lot of typos.

I do have faith in the Savior and in my Heavenly Father that they will help my Family and me through this hard time that we will be given blessings even when it may be hard to see them all the time.

22 September 2010

Flying by...

So much has happened over the past few months since our last post. I am about as good at blogging as I am journaling...often times I will think about doing it, but there never seems time to actually sit down and do it. sure i can find a couple of minutes to face-stalk someone or to look at other people's blog but when it comes to my own...im just not good. Ryan is also very busy---and I don't think he really thinks about it that much. Prehaps i can make a goal to blog 1 time a week. Don't hold your breath folks....but i will try

Anywho-with that rambling...here is a short list of a few things that happend since the last post:

Annaylse turned 1! (holy cow), school has started, we went up to the Lakes (all the shracks) and had TONS of fun!, Annalyse's Great, great grandma shrack turned 101, we took Annalyse and Kirsten up to the Johnny Appleseed Festival...those are really the major things i can think of. For some reason, I can't seem to get blogger to upload my photos. So...those will have to wait for another time.

Our wonderful neighbors (and best friends) found us a bread machine at a yard sale a few weeks back--so one of my other new goals/hobbys is to figure out how to make bread. My first loaf turned out OK, but not what i expected. My 2nd loaf...didn't even turn into dough....so hopefully, i figure out what im doing wrong and start making wonderful bread. You'd think that you cn't mess up w/ using a bread machine...well I can! I know i'll figure it out.

I see Annalyse grow up so fast, i can't believe it! Many nights, after Annalyse finally goes to sleep, we talk about how MUCH she can do now. All the words she can say, all the cute little things that make her-her, and how different life would be without her. Lately Annalyse has discovered books...not just that she can chew on them or try to destroy them...but she's actually really discovered them. They can occupy her for a good 20 minutes! It is not uncommon for her to take a couple to a corner and sit and 'read', making little babbling noises as she reads. She also loves to have Mommy or Daddy read to her-she'll bring a book, give it to one of us and sit on our laps and just listen. Occassionally, we have to hide a book because the thought of having to read that perticular book one more time causes us to cringe...but its better than having her watch something horrible...like sponge bob...right?!. Annalyse has also surprised us by picking up a few signs as well. I often times, without thinking, sign as I talk...and she's picked up on it completely by accident. First she could say, all gone/finshed when a meal was finished...everyone who was at dinner that night was so SHOCKED (even me), then i decided to try to teach her Milk, it didn't take long for her to get it, now im not sure which word to teach her...either eat or please...i think. I knew that it would be easy to teach her...but i didn't realize that she would learn completely by accident. she truly does amaze me.
Anyway, I have got a long list of other things to do toay.

12 June 2010

Where Have the Shracks been?

Summer is (finally) here! We have been enjoying all that Heavenly Father created--sunshine, stormy weather, fire ants, and LONG car rides. We started the summer off by buying an Indianapolis Zoo membership and took Kirsten and the BUG to the zoo for the first time, what a blast!

Later, we took a very much needed extra long weekend and the 4 of us headed to Vicksburg to see Tommy and Jessica. It was a trip I don't think anyone will forget. We took Kirsten with us on our journey, Tommy had no idea she was coming and she didn't know where we were going. It was a complete surprise! When we got there, we were really tired from driving straight through so we relaxed for a little while, then ventured off into the South. We visited lots of different places, got to see some amazing southern history, and eat some amazing food. Our trip was a lot of fun, we really enjoyed visiting them and getting away from home for a few days. Annalyse even slept on this vacation, which is a first. I can't imagine a better way to spend an extended weekend.

07 April 2010

A little update

Our family has been extremely busy over the course of the past month or so. It seems as though something is ALWAYS going on, but I think that being busy really helps us keep sane ;).

Our BUG is growing fast! As of late, she has been making tons of new noises (her favorite is “tatata and babababa” and she now waves! Last weekend, while attending General Conference, she warmed Grandpa’s heart by waving and squealing at him. A couple of weeks ago, she also started to clap and patty-cake is a game that she enjoys. She is growing like a weed and we are anxiously a waiting Garage Sale season to save money on some clothes!

Easter brought excitement as well-the Easter Bunny visited the Shrack home for the first time! He brought candy, clothes and fun little trinkets for Kirsten and Annalyse, which were loved by all. Following Church/General Conference, we went on an excursion to the Shrack Farm for food, fun, and celebrating the Resurrection of the Savior.

Our upcoming adventures include:

Suessical the Musical, Time Out for Women, Follow the North Star and a trip to Mississippi to visit Jessica and Tommy!

We are also excited to be getting new neighbors Phil, Kim and Peter Call! They move into the apartment just in front of us next week J.

photos will be posted soon, once we download them to our computer from the camera

28 February 2010

we haven't updated lately

Wow, it has been a while since there was a post!...So much has happened since the last post.

  • Our little girl was born

  • We celebrated our 2nd Anniversary

  • Tom and Yasumi were married

  • We went to Utah to visit friends and family

Those are just a few things that I can think if that have happened. We are enjoying EVERYTHING that has happened. Our little girl is just amazing, she bring us SO much happiness. Our family is growing and we definitely LOVE IT...

We are both new to 'blogging' so hopefully we do a MUCH better job :).

02 February 2010

Update, WAY overdue...

Hi everyone,
I can't believe that it is already February 2010!!! Where has the time gone?! We are all doing well. Today is Annalyse's 6th month birthday. It's so hard to believe that six months ago today she was born and I held her in my arms for the very first time. She has changed so much and we feel so blessed to be her parents. I'll try to post some pictures from our recent trip to Utah in the near future. We had a wonderful time. Have a great afternoon.