07 April 2010

A little update

Our family has been extremely busy over the course of the past month or so. It seems as though something is ALWAYS going on, but I think that being busy really helps us keep sane ;).

Our BUG is growing fast! As of late, she has been making tons of new noises (her favorite is “tatata and babababa” and she now waves! Last weekend, while attending General Conference, she warmed Grandpa’s heart by waving and squealing at him. A couple of weeks ago, she also started to clap and patty-cake is a game that she enjoys. She is growing like a weed and we are anxiously a waiting Garage Sale season to save money on some clothes!

Easter brought excitement as well-the Easter Bunny visited the Shrack home for the first time! He brought candy, clothes and fun little trinkets for Kirsten and Annalyse, which were loved by all. Following Church/General Conference, we went on an excursion to the Shrack Farm for food, fun, and celebrating the Resurrection of the Savior.

Our upcoming adventures include:

Suessical the Musical, Time Out for Women, Follow the North Star and a trip to Mississippi to visit Jessica and Tommy!

We are also excited to be getting new neighbors Phil, Kim and Peter Call! They move into the apartment just in front of us next week J.

photos will be posted soon, once we download them to our computer from the camera

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