12 February 2011

Long Time No Blog...

We have had so much fun the past few months-Halloween was great-Christmas was a BLAST-we celebrated or 3rd Anniversary, New Years was wonderful-and now Valentines day is just around the corner.

My last post-in oct-was about my Dad...he's doing pretty good! He's in a nursing home and with a lot of rehab he's recovering pretty well. he's pretty stubborn-but thats a Solomon trait most of us have inherited. We've gone to see him a few times...when we're in Anderson and have time. I'm thankful that everything is working out.

As for Ryan, Annalyse and me-we are having so much fun. The past few months have been so much fun. The BUG is talking up a storm! She notices everything and gets into everything. We are anticipating the end of Ry's college career and he has started his job search. There are lots of jobs that look good and we are really excited to see how many are out there--we are in hopes of staying in Indiana but are open to moving out of state. I am ready for for college life to finally be over and 'real' life to begin...lol...it takes so long to grow up eh?

Here are a few more photos form the past few months...enjoy!

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