23 April 2011

Our Landscape Architect, Zoo Keeper, and Snake Rangler

Lately, it seems that we are always doing something-and our little bug keeps us on our toes.
Annalyse is now 21 months old--she's getting TOO big! We took her to her first dentist visit! It was an interesting first visit--the power was out! So she got her teeth cleaned in the dark! (crazy I know!) But-all in all-Ryan and I are doing a good job! NO CAVITIES! (whew) Our little bug is developing quite the imagination and she loves books (she's always loved those) so the middle picture is a photo of her sitting down on a blanket that she so neatly put on the love seat and the floor as she put a pile of those wonderful books all around her and she "read" them...for about an hour! The last picture is of our very mischievous little monster! While Daddy was in the Restroom, she managed to open the screen door to our patio and play in Daddy's potting soil in the flower pot-she was a mess-all that black dirt (well mud really, it had been raining all day). When I came home from work she had just gotten out of the bath because she had gotten so dirty! She's the cutest, funniest little girl ever! I'd love to share more photos but there just isn't enough room for them all!

Last year, we got a Indianapolis Zoo Membership and had a BLAST going, but then it got cold and we couldn't go. Finally, spring is here and we were able to go one last time before our membership runs out! We took Aunt Yasumi with us and had so much fun! It was really chilly and we were trying really hard to beat the rain, but we narrowly escaped it! There weren't many people there (because it was so cold) so we got a lot of close encounters! We fed the giraffe, petted a shark, and even saw an elephant up close! I think Annalyse's personal favorite was the Meerkats! They were right at eye level and she could see them scurrying around in their burrows! We love the Indy Zoo that's for sure! Hopefully Ry gets a job near by so we can return often!

And this, our friends, is our Snake Rangler! My Sister, Tonya, taught Annalyse what a snake says (ssssssss) a while back and ever since she's wanted to get her a toy snake and this one somehow, from what I understand, was a stow away when Kirsten went to visit Mamaw's a few weeks ago. Now, we have a beautiful pet (rubber) snake for Annalyse to talk to all day if she wants :).

I know we haven't posted in a while and it seems like a lot we've crammed into one post-sorry!

Happy Easter Everyone!