20 June 2011

Settled in and Loving it

In our last post, Ryan posted that he not only graduated, but also got a great job! We only had about a weeks break before Ryan started his new job to go up to Ft. Wayne to find a new apartment-our lease was up at the end of May. We scurried around to find a new place to live, I officially turned in my resignation letter for work, Ryan started his new job, we moved all in the course of 3 weeks. I had to continue to work until June 10th so we had insurance while we waited for Ry's to kick in. What a busy 2 weeks from move in day til quitting day! We spent our weekdays with Mike and Cindy (Ry's Parents) and came home on the weekends. Finally-June 10th arrived and we packed up at the farm and came home for good. I started my "new" job--Stay-at-home-Mommy! I must say-I'm loving it. Getting used to it is really hard...I'm struggling finding a routine! My first week went great! Annalyse enjoyed it (i think).

I don't have any photos to post yet because we just haven't gotten around to putting them on our computer. (we're kind of lazy when it comes to that)

We are settling in and loving our new home in Ft. Wayne. There is more unpacked than packed, Annalyse is calling this place home, we really like our Ward here, and we've even attended Ft. Wayne's RIB FEST.

Hopefully, with all my new found free time I'll be able to post more photos and start sewing again! I haven't sewn anything in forever!

We are also very, very, very excited that our friends, Kim, Phil, and Pete will be joining us in Northeastern Indiana--Congrats Phil on your new Job!