18 July 2011

Our little girl

She's Adorable isn't she!

It seems like every time we post we're always posting about a specific major event and never get to talk about our lives and the every day routine. Thus this run of the mill-semi uninteresting post! How grateful I am for the beautiful little girl pictured above. Since becoming a stay at home Mommy I have developed an even greater love for her that I didn't know was possible. She has learned to accept me despite my (many) faults and mess ups and has sensed that nap time is precious and often will go to bed without much persuasion (this of course makes me way happy). She loves to play, laugh, read, and just enjoy everything about life. She has adjusted to the move from Muncie to Fort Wayne well and doesn't seem to really notice at all. She has inherited the Solomon Stubborn gene and the word "no" has very little meaning. Despite those two things I do love her. She is an amazing daughter of God who his growing and changing all the time. I can't believe in just a couple short weeks she'll be 2! Incredible.

These two make a perfect pair!

If anyone can love her more than I do, it's Ryan. They have such a special relationship...They love to build Towers together, sing songs, and cuddling to read books(over and over again). Although Ryan loves his new job, he hates being away from her. For the first 22 months of her life he was with her all the time (except for classes and church callings) and they have such a special connection. Ryan is the Best Daddy ever. She is constantly testing Daddy's patience in ways I don't think he expects, but he takes it in stride.

14 July 2011

Family Reunions 2011

Every couple of years, Ryan's family always gets together and has a Huge family reunion. First is the Vernon Reunion (Ryan's Grandma Reed's side) and second is the Reed Reunion(Ryan's Grandpa Reed's side) The shots above are just a few from the Vernon side and also Annalyse and her cousin Regan meeting for the first time. The Vernon reunion was held at the Farm and the Reed Reunion was held at Turkey Run State Park here in Indiana. We had so much fun...and too far too many photos to put here! So if you're family and looking at the photos please don't be offended if you aren't here. We really do love you! Since having these family reunions, it makes me really want to have a family reunion with my own family!

The photos here are from the Reed Reunion at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. There are so many wonderful photos. Annalyse did a lot of "firsts" here. She went on her first Canoe ride and her first hike. Two years ago was the first Reed Ranch Reunion and I was so very pregnant so this is the first time that she met most of her extended family. We just loved everything we did while we were there...even though it was way hot!

I'm sure if Ryan were writing this he'd tell you amazing stories about the two reunions and how wonderful each of them were...and I promise there really are great stories and the reunions were great...I just have a horrible memory and can't remember everything. Ryan and I alone took close to 100 photos over the course of the two reunions and visiting family who had driven in and there is absolutely NO WAY of posting them all on here. Ryan is more of a documentary type photographer and I'm more of a point and shoot kind of photographer so some are posed and some people have no clue that they were taken. There is this quote that I found about family and it's a part of my signature on my email because I love it so very much...and I want to share it with y'all and I'll post a few more photos from the reunion.

"I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich."
-Dan Wilcox and Thad Mumford

07 July 2011

July 4th and Hair Cut

We celebrated this july 4th TWICE this year once in Dunkirk with Grandpa and once in Ft Wayne. We had sooo much fun. Kirsten even came up for a few days to visit too.

We also went to the Splash Pad on the 4th with some new friends from the ward. Fort Wayne has some AMAZING parks here and Annalyse LOVES them

Annalyse also got her hair cut today (well her bangs mostly). They were getting really long and nearly impossible to manage so they needed trimmed/cut. They were cut by a friend of ours, Sister Keplinger and now our little girl looks SO grown up! she did really well & didn't freak out too much. I totally meant to get a before shot, but she was so antsy and nervous it didn't happen.

Her hair cut is pretty much like any other little girl who gets her hair cut for the very first time. Its hard to believe she isn't a baby anymore, which breaks our hearts!