07 July 2011

July 4th and Hair Cut

We celebrated this july 4th TWICE this year once in Dunkirk with Grandpa and once in Ft Wayne. We had sooo much fun. Kirsten even came up for a few days to visit too.

We also went to the Splash Pad on the 4th with some new friends from the ward. Fort Wayne has some AMAZING parks here and Annalyse LOVES them

Annalyse also got her hair cut today (well her bangs mostly). They were getting really long and nearly impossible to manage so they needed trimmed/cut. They were cut by a friend of ours, Sister Keplinger and now our little girl looks SO grown up! she did really well & didn't freak out too much. I totally meant to get a before shot, but she was so antsy and nervous it didn't happen.

Her hair cut is pretty much like any other little girl who gets her hair cut for the very first time. Its hard to believe she isn't a baby anymore, which breaks our hearts!

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  1. Oh my gosh! Annalyse is growing up so much! I feel like I remember seeing her in her little baby carrier just poking her head out to smile at us :D... She's so adorable!