18 July 2011

Our little girl

She's Adorable isn't she!

It seems like every time we post we're always posting about a specific major event and never get to talk about our lives and the every day routine. Thus this run of the mill-semi uninteresting post! How grateful I am for the beautiful little girl pictured above. Since becoming a stay at home Mommy I have developed an even greater love for her that I didn't know was possible. She has learned to accept me despite my (many) faults and mess ups and has sensed that nap time is precious and often will go to bed without much persuasion (this of course makes me way happy). She loves to play, laugh, read, and just enjoy everything about life. She has adjusted to the move from Muncie to Fort Wayne well and doesn't seem to really notice at all. She has inherited the Solomon Stubborn gene and the word "no" has very little meaning. Despite those two things I do love her. She is an amazing daughter of God who his growing and changing all the time. I can't believe in just a couple short weeks she'll be 2! Incredible.

These two make a perfect pair!

If anyone can love her more than I do, it's Ryan. They have such a special relationship...They love to build Towers together, sing songs, and cuddling to read books(over and over again). Although Ryan loves his new job, he hates being away from her. For the first 22 months of her life he was with her all the time (except for classes and church callings) and they have such a special connection. Ryan is the Best Daddy ever. She is constantly testing Daddy's patience in ways I don't think he expects, but he takes it in stride.

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