18 August 2011

Lakes MiniVacation and our little Fishergirl

Every year (or almost every year) before school starts we try to go up to Ryan's Aunt Shirley and Uncle Lew's Lake to play, have fun, and just be together. This year we all had a BLAST and enjoyed being together. Jared will be leaving to continue his study abroad in Korea for the fall semester so he'll be gone until just before Christmas.

The Lakes are always full of boat rides, fishing, and just playing around. This year, Annalyse had so much fun learning how to fish. At first, she was just helping grandpa man his pole, but Ryan and I were so amazed at how attentive she was that we thought we'd get her a fishing pole too...pink princesses! And she loved it!

As you can see her really did enjoy fishing and she caught 2 fish (bluegill)--one was even big enough to keep!

Every year we always try to go swim on the lake and we added cornhole to our activities

We are grateful to the Hustons for letting us all come and invade their house for a weekend and for taking us fishing, boating, and swimming!

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