10 August 2011

We now have a 2 year old....

Can it be? Can we really have a 2 year old?

(isn't she so focused)

We had Annalyse's Birthday Party the Saturday before her actual Birthday because 1) immediate family would be able to travel up here much easier and 2) Ryan had a conference in Evansville so we'd be gone on her actual Birthday. Because of the size of our apartment, we only invited immediate family and a couple of close family friends (the Keplingers and the Calls).The party went really well & we had a lot of fun. The Party was a Sesame Street themed party it was small and simple...Cake, Ice Cream, a gifts, a simple game, and then we headed to the splash park across the street for some water action. Annalyse had a blast at her party...she's been saying she's "2" for sometime, but now she really is two. Kirsten stayed the night with us Saturday and Sunday night, which was a treat for Annalyse in and of itself.

On her actual Birthday (Aug 2nd), we didn't get to do much because It's been so HOT here in Indiana and the heat was pretty much unbearable. Part of Annalyse's Birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy was a Fort Wayne Zoo membership and with that membership we get discounts on admission to other Zoos so the following day I (despite the sweltering heat) ventured out to the Evansville Zoo and spent a couple of hours there. Being in Evansville for a week was a lot of fun. She enjoyed Hotel life and we discovered a new food love...Yogurt! She loves that stuff. We're amazed at how well she likes it...she even asks for it for a snack too.

Annalyse with her new bike and a photo of the Weber clan

Phil and Peter Enjoying the splash pad and Annalyse and Papaw putting money in her pig

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