22 September 2011

History and Celebrations

This past weekend, we were busy! Every third weekend in September, Fort Wayne has a Johnny Appleseed festival and for the past four years, we have always gone and taken our beautiful niece Kirsten. The first year we took her, she would say Johnny the Appleseed instead of Johnny Appleseed and the name has always kinda stuck. They always have lots of yummy food, apples, and people dressed up and this year the weather was wonderful. It was cool but not cold, which was great. This was Annalyse's 3rd Appleseed Festival and she loved it...she walked nearly the entire time and she wore Ryan and me out! On our appleseed adventure, we met John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed), Abe Lincoln, and we even ran into the Calls. Kirsten also got to help make some carmel kettle corn. We really did have a great time. I dread the day when Kirsten gets older and start to think she's too old for this annual adventure.

After the festival we went down to Ryan's Parents for the rest of the weekend. The girls got to spend time on the farm, which both of them love to do. The two of them get so spoiled when they are at the farm. I think the visit to the farm is the only time Kirsten enjoys doing chores (as long as 'Grandpa Mike' is by her side). Kirsten even volunteered to go out and pick raspberrys to suprise Mike...thanks to Matt, Kirsten, Ryan, Annalyse and Matt picked TONS of berrys and Mike was definately surprised!

The primary reason for going down to the farm was to be in Dunkirk on Sunday to celebrate Ryan's Great Grandma Shracks 102nd Birthday. I honestly can't imagine being alive as long as she has and really she's in pretty good health for being 102! There were 5 generations at the Birthday party so we got a few photos and Annalyse actually smiled and looked at the camera for some of the photos.

There are 100 years between these two lovely gals...can you believe it!?

15 September 2011

Genealogy, I'm Doing It

Since becoming a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I have really taken an interest in genealogy and been really interested in my family's history. When I was first introduced to genealogy, I always thought that only old people did that stuff (and that theory was often confirmed whenever I walked into a genealogy center or library). BUT, I've come to the realization that you can do different types of genealogy at different times in your life...and even dabble here in there in everything. So, I wanted to write a post about my attempts at genealogy and family history in my life.

There is little history of my family written down anywhere so as far as personal family history goes I, with some help from other family members, have started to do pedigree and family group sheets for everyone in my family. In my PAF file, I have 126 names entered and most of those are only my immediate family...I haven't gotten much past my 4 generations. My goal is to someday get much further, but everything is one step at a time. Ft. Wayne has an amazing library here chuck full of Family History resources and my wonderful mother in law is willing to watch our little bug while I sleuth around (once her long term sub job is over). In the past, I have found census and military records with the names of my ancestors!

When I can't or don't have time to work on my own personal family history, I do Indexing on the church's Family Search Website. Indexers are looking at various types of documents (like census records or military records) and type the vital information so it can be loaded into a database where it can be searched so that others who are doing personal family history can find the documents to get information about their ancestors. Anyone doing family history can benefit from the indexed documents and find the information without having to locate the physical form. The goal is to Index everything so genealogy can be done from home and everything can be search able and available. Then those searching can print the actual document. Indexing can be taxing trying to decipher people's writing, but I LOVE it. You can index as much or as little as you want-I often do it during naptime. If you're reading this and thinking...i could do that...I promise you-you can. Even if you aren't a member of the Church, you can sign up here to volunteer to do indexing.

I have such a strong testimony of Family History and how it brings us closer to those ancestors (and even our living family members) by doing family history we get an opportunity to know everyone on a much deeper level. While Temple Work is vital component of family history work, I feel that if we do not get to know and love our ancestors the sacred and special Temple Work performed for our ancestors is partly in vain. As I research and build on the knowledge of my family, I gain a respect for those ancestors I never knew. Family history is more than gathering names and dates and going to the Temple....Family History is Love...Family History is Discovering Your Roots and Yourself.

This Post turned out to be a lot longer than I intended. In the spirit of Family History, I'd like to leave you with a scripture form the Old Testament.

Malachi 4:6:
And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers...

14 September 2011

Out 'n About

We have definately been busy lately. Not really with anything specific, just enjoying everything. Heavenly Father has blessed out little family so much lately that we can't even begin to imagine. We try to go to as many free or cheap events around town as we can and have had so much fun doing it!

Thsese are phots at the 'Historic' Fort, in Fort Wayne. Annalyse loved the reinactment they had. The guns and Cannons didn't even bother her.

I was missing my family in Anderson so one afternoon we down to Anderson to visit and my Aunt Connie was watching some of my little counins so Annalyse got to play with them. They had so much fun that afternoon! They are all cute as a button and hams to boot!

Over labor day weekend, We, along with Tom and Yasumi, took a little drive up to Warren Dunes in Michigan. It would be both Annalyse and Yasumi's first time seeing the Sand dunes. The weather was not at all what we had expected just days earlier we had it 100 degree temps and at the dunes it was around the 60's, cold and windy. The sand blasted us as we walked around and attempted to climb the dune. We had only packed shorts for the weekend so I put my PJ pants on for warmth. It was beautiful, but so cold.

(only the Lorax was willing to get out for photo at the parks enterance)

(annalyse is trying to protect her beautiful face from the sand)

Tom, Ryan and Annalyse climbed the dune...annalyse was on Uncle Tom's shoulders during most of the climb.

On September 10th, Grandma and Grandpa came up to visit in celebration of Grandparents day. We had gotten a Zoo coupon for 1 free admission in addition to our membership so only 1 ticket had to be bought PLUS we also had a coupon for our entire party to be able to ride 1 Zoo ride for free. We chose the Sky Safari ride located in "Africa". Grandma and Grandpa were a little apprehensive, but they made it! Annalyse loved being able to 'fly'.

Annalyse just loves the Zoo and all the animals. She had so much fun sharing it with Grandma and Grandpa. Ryan and I really enjoyed seeing how excited she was

Since moving, we have really learned to take full advantage of the Library system here (which is amazing). We go to storytime weekly, check out 3-5 books a week for Annalyse, movies, and even I have been able to do some reading! I love going to the library and so does Annalsye!