22 September 2011

History and Celebrations

This past weekend, we were busy! Every third weekend in September, Fort Wayne has a Johnny Appleseed festival and for the past four years, we have always gone and taken our beautiful niece Kirsten. The first year we took her, she would say Johnny the Appleseed instead of Johnny Appleseed and the name has always kinda stuck. They always have lots of yummy food, apples, and people dressed up and this year the weather was wonderful. It was cool but not cold, which was great. This was Annalyse's 3rd Appleseed Festival and she loved it...she walked nearly the entire time and she wore Ryan and me out! On our appleseed adventure, we met John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed), Abe Lincoln, and we even ran into the Calls. Kirsten also got to help make some carmel kettle corn. We really did have a great time. I dread the day when Kirsten gets older and start to think she's too old for this annual adventure.

After the festival we went down to Ryan's Parents for the rest of the weekend. The girls got to spend time on the farm, which both of them love to do. The two of them get so spoiled when they are at the farm. I think the visit to the farm is the only time Kirsten enjoys doing chores (as long as 'Grandpa Mike' is by her side). Kirsten even volunteered to go out and pick raspberrys to suprise Mike...thanks to Matt, Kirsten, Ryan, Annalyse and Matt picked TONS of berrys and Mike was definately surprised!

The primary reason for going down to the farm was to be in Dunkirk on Sunday to celebrate Ryan's Great Grandma Shracks 102nd Birthday. I honestly can't imagine being alive as long as she has and really she's in pretty good health for being 102! There were 5 generations at the Birthday party so we got a few photos and Annalyse actually smiled and looked at the camera for some of the photos.

There are 100 years between these two lovely gals...can you believe it!?

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