14 September 2011

Out 'n About

We have definately been busy lately. Not really with anything specific, just enjoying everything. Heavenly Father has blessed out little family so much lately that we can't even begin to imagine. We try to go to as many free or cheap events around town as we can and have had so much fun doing it!

Thsese are phots at the 'Historic' Fort, in Fort Wayne. Annalyse loved the reinactment they had. The guns and Cannons didn't even bother her.

I was missing my family in Anderson so one afternoon we down to Anderson to visit and my Aunt Connie was watching some of my little counins so Annalyse got to play with them. They had so much fun that afternoon! They are all cute as a button and hams to boot!

Over labor day weekend, We, along with Tom and Yasumi, took a little drive up to Warren Dunes in Michigan. It would be both Annalyse and Yasumi's first time seeing the Sand dunes. The weather was not at all what we had expected just days earlier we had it 100 degree temps and at the dunes it was around the 60's, cold and windy. The sand blasted us as we walked around and attempted to climb the dune. We had only packed shorts for the weekend so I put my PJ pants on for warmth. It was beautiful, but so cold.

(only the Lorax was willing to get out for photo at the parks enterance)

(annalyse is trying to protect her beautiful face from the sand)

Tom, Ryan and Annalyse climbed the dune...annalyse was on Uncle Tom's shoulders during most of the climb.

On September 10th, Grandma and Grandpa came up to visit in celebration of Grandparents day. We had gotten a Zoo coupon for 1 free admission in addition to our membership so only 1 ticket had to be bought PLUS we also had a coupon for our entire party to be able to ride 1 Zoo ride for free. We chose the Sky Safari ride located in "Africa". Grandma and Grandpa were a little apprehensive, but they made it! Annalyse loved being able to 'fly'.

Annalyse just loves the Zoo and all the animals. She had so much fun sharing it with Grandma and Grandpa. Ryan and I really enjoyed seeing how excited she was

Since moving, we have really learned to take full advantage of the Library system here (which is amazing). We go to storytime weekly, check out 3-5 books a week for Annalyse, movies, and even I have been able to do some reading! I love going to the library and so does Annalsye!

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