16 October 2011

Fishy Friends...

We've been wanting Annalyse to have a pet but since we live in an apartment there aren't too many choices out there without having to pay extra to have one. So, we were able to acquire an awesome little fish tank from freecycle which came with the the tank, some fish food, rocks, some fake plants, the filters and everything to set up your first fish tank. We've had it for a while, but were going to try to use getting a fish as a bribe to help Annalyse become potty trained, but soon realized it's 1) she isn't quite ready yet and 2) a bribe like that really wouldn't work so the tank just sat in the office for a while. While I was away attending a Women's conference (Time Out for Women), Ryan cleaned the fish tank and bought fish for our Tank to surprise Annalyse and me with our new friends and lovely additions to our little family. We have 3 goldfish and 1 algae eater. Annalyse LOVES them. We've tried to get her to name them, but all she comes up with is "annalyse" and "brown"...so we'll see what happens.

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