02 November 2011

Happiest Halloween!

Daddy's Little Giraffe

Halloween was so much fun this year! We really had a great time and kept ourselves busy! There is no way for me to post all the photos I want to because we had so much fun...

Annalyse was a giraffe this year and LOVED her coustume! She loves everything about halloween I think. Our Ward had a Trunk or Treat so she got a taste of what real trick or Treating would be like and she LOVED it. We made a few treats for friends for a FHE just before Halloween, went to the Zoo's Halloween activity (ironically the Zoo didn't have very many animals out), and of course trick or treating. A family in the Ward invited us to go with them in their neighborhood, which was a lot of fun! Enjoyed everythign about this silly, but fun holiday. I've decided to TRY to make our own costumes next year for the whole family. So i suppose I better get started now. (lol)

Here are just a few of our photos...you can head over to my facebook to see more....

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