28 November 2011

Visitors, Turkeys, and Love!

Our past few weeks have been filled with fun and excitement (not to mention lots of running around). My Brother, Tommy and his wife, Jessica, came to visit from Mississippi not to long ago and this visit Annalyse really took to him and she loved playing with him! While, Tonya, Jessica and I went to Brown County for the annual Chocolate Walk, Ryan and Annalyse hung out with Tommy and the rest of the family. ( I left the camera with Ryan so I have no photos of the Chocolate Walk, sorry). They had an awesome time! Tonya picked up these super cute matching shirts while in Brown County they say "Spoiled Rotten by my Uncle", which is so true...all of their Uncles love them sooo much!

During their visit, Tommy and Jessica were able to squeeze us into their busy visiting circuit and spend the night with us one night. Hanging out when them was so much fun!

For some reason, Jessica always seems to evade the camera and we NEVER have a photo of her.

Next was Thanksgiving! This year was a Shrack Thanksgiving year. So we headed down to Ryan's parents for the holiday. Mike, Cindy, Yasumi, Tom, Luna, and Yasumi's parents had to go to Chicago to do some paper work for Luna that had to be done in person so Sarah, Matt, Ryan, and I prepared Thanksgiving (Cindy of course had everything well planned and called us a lot)

Here is our Turkey and it turned out really, really well. Sarah and I had a lot of fun trying to figure out how to cook this thing! I think everyone loved it! Everything was fantastic and we all just enjoyed being together. Yasumi's parents came to visit to see Luna and having them for Thanksgiving was wonderful!

These two girls are wonderful. Luna, of course, is sleeping away. Both of them sporting their Thanksgiving shirts. Annalyse loves holding her little cousin. The two of them are going to be good friends!

Annalyse finally took a nap late Thursday evening. After we pulled out a toy tote we had stored at the farm and she fell asleep with this bear from her Uncle Tommy!

The Holiday season is my favorite time of the year. I love being with family and friends. Our tree is decorated and radio stations are playing Christmas music. Celebrating the various holidays makes me feel so abundantly blessed beyond measure. I have all that I need and more and for that I am so grateful!

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