24 January 2012

Playing Catch Up: December 2011

Well, 2011 is long since history…and I haven’t even BEGUN to catch everyone up as to what’s been going on in the Shrack Station. The past several weeks have, to say the least, been busy. Since Christmas, we’ve been gone more than we’ve been here.
So without further adieu, I’ll catch you up….
I think I’ll do two separate posts so here is the post about the remainder of our December:

Ah, Christmas….came so quickly and departed so quickly and we were all over the place. Unfortunately, we didn’t take photos of everything where we were or with everyone we saw (and some photos have already been loaded onto our external hard drive). But here are some highlights-please notes highlights are in order of evens not necessarily in order of awesomeness..…1) my little brother (Tommy) came for a quick surprise visit (thanks to his AWESOME Sister in law Elizabeth) 2) Christmas morning the three of us woke up at our apartment. Annalyse’s big gift this year was her little tyke kitchen, which she loves. 3) quickly after opening gifts at our house, we rushed to Dunkirk to attend Church (Sacrament Meeting only) with the rest of Ryan’s family 3)Christmas celebrations at the Farm…so much fun. It was Luna’s first Christmas and she was so cute too 4) we headed to Anderson to spend Christmas night with my sisters and their family….we stayed the night & had so much fun! 5) Tonya’s family, my family, and Trinna headed to Lewisville to celebrate Christmas with our (step) Mom (we don’t call her step mom…we just call her Mom…but I don’t want folks to get confused). Being with Family is the BEST way to celebrate the Birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Now…for those of you who don’t know…Ryan and I also celebrated our 4th anniversary. Yes, December is always a busy month for us…we celebrated our anniversary by attending the Chicago Temple both on the 27th and on the 28th and my gift from Ryan was to attend the Illinois Holocaust Museum. We had so much fun celebrating our anniversary. I know a Holocaust Museum probably sounds like a strange place to celebrate an anniversary, but it was perfect for us...we walked around the museum for a long time-looking and reading and talking about what we saw. How often do we get to be alone in silence next to one another....(the answer is practially NEVER). So we really enjoyed the time to sit and reflect.

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