06 February 2012

Future Homeowners!!!!

This is the photo of our NEW HOME!!

We've been waiting to blog about our new home until 1) we were 100% sure the financing would go through & 2) we told our immeadiate families. Now that that's done we can tell blogland :)

We got an amazing deal on this home & can't wait to move in in April! (we asked for a longer closing so we didn't break our lease or have to pay rent and a mortgage). It's a 4 bedroom, 2 bath 2 story-split level house with a BASEMENT (not finished). It has a third of an acre with a neighborhood park just a couple of lots over from us. The house is move in ready (no fixer upper for us) but the fixtures are dated (easy enough to fix). We've looked at a few houses and, like a lot of our friends who are looking at houses right now, were terrified that we'd end up settling for something just because our lease would be up soon. Then our amazing realtor, Rob, showed us this house and it just 'felt' like a home to us and we knew we had to try to get it. Life's been kind of a whirlwind since the seller accepted our (low) offer without any negotiations...we've been setting up appointments for inspections, meeting with lenders and looking at paint colors. We have our inspection next week and we'll take our own photos but for now enjoy the photo from the listing!

House hunting was fun, frusterating, and exhausting. But, with that being said, we had a great experience and can't wait to be moving into our home. We learned a lot about the housing market and continue to learn a lot about mortgages and financing, which personally gives me a huge headache!


  1. Ok, Guys!
    I am totally stalking your blog now because I love reading about your doings and love seeing the pics of Grandma and Grandpa Shrack:) You are welcome to check us out on georgeandannajones.blogspot.com. I update oh, every once in a while:) I hope you guys enjoy your new house! PS Where is it?

    1. Anna-Stalk away :)Our new house is in the 1st ward-kind of near Snider Baseball Complex (not Snider H.S.), its technically a New Haven address but it's in Ft Wayne school system...