02 April 2012

Playing Catch up

Well-since I blogged last not too much has really happened. We're anxiously awaiting the closing on our house, which is in less than 2 weeks! We've been looking at and debating paint colors, we've found new lights for the kitchen/dining area, and Annalyse has decided that she wants a Princess room! I am so excited that we'll be living in a house VERY soon, but in the meantime life has kept us busy and on our toes! March in Indiana was BEAUTIFUL and it went really, really fast. Ryan and I have the same birthday (march 9) and we celebrated it twice...ryan and I had a date night and we to the Farm for a birthday dinner & cake and to see Matt's Fiddler on the Roof performance.

Annalyse is turning into such a BIG girl! She's always talking, playing and making us laugh. She loves to sing, dance and eat! She's developing quite an imagination, which is remarkable. Everyday she's saying something new, but she can be a little obsessive with things too...we can no longer tell her in advance when someone is coming over or if we're going to go do something because until it happens she's constantly asking about it. why is her newest favorite word. I have such a speical oppertunity to be at home with her full time and I wouldn't change it for anything. She's so Amazing!

Ryan has been in his Job working for the State of Indiana almost a year & he loves it! Everyday is different for him & since he works from home he's here a lot too, which is nice. Ryan is still serving as the Decon Advisor at church and I'm serving as the Nursery Leader & on the Relief Society Meeting Committee. We have been really blessed since moving here & we're so happy that with the purchase of this house we'll get to stay here for a while :).