31 July 2012

Shrack Attack 2012-Kansas City Reunion

  Earlier this month, the Shrack side of the family had a HUGE family reunion in Kansas City. It was an extended weekend where we all stayed in the same hotel just spent a lot of time together.  We did lots of things seeing the city and surrounding areas. One day we did fun little things around the city, which included the Hallmark's Crown Centre, an Art Museum, and a stop at a marble factory/toy store. The following day we headed over to the Church sights, which included Liberty Jail, the LDS visitors center, the newly dedicated Kansas City Temple, and we also included  the Community of Christ (aka FLDS) visitors center and their temple as well. Each evening we headed over to an Aunt and Uncle's house to have a huge group dinner where everyone got to talk, eat, and relax from the day's events. Swimming in the hotel pool was always on the agenda. It was so much fun visiting with everyone and getting to know extended family. On our way back, our van stopped in Illinois to see the Cahokia Indiana Mounds. On our vacation we had SO much fun. We took a lot of photos, but I'm having a really, really hard time loading photos today.  For the group shots, we had one person take the photos and they'll be distributed-to avoid having to wait for 30+ cameras.

I am having a lot of problems loading picktures the way I want to. This new format doesn't make it much easier than the old, but I want to share a few. One isof the breakfast area of the hotel the day we wore our green 'Shrack Attack' shirts. Every morning, we all got up at the same time and RUSHED to get breakfast before tiredly loading into our respective vehicles to go to our destination. For 3 mornings we took the breakfast area by storm and made all the other guests very sorry that they decided to stay at 'our hotel'.  I love photo of all of us in our green shirts trying to get something to eat before leaving. It was truly mad chaos-but in a good way :)

The other photos are of the new Temple in Kansas City. One of the building its self and the other is of Annalyse getting a chance to see her first Temple in person. Ryan and I did get a chance attend the Temple while we were in Kansas City, but I think having Annalyse with us to walk the grounds and giving her an opperunity to see and touch the Temple was an experince in its own. She loves Temples...she (to a small degree) knows how important Temple are to Heavenly Father so they are important to her. I am so glad that we had the chance to include the Temple as part of the family reunion.

*Hopefully some time I'll be able to figure out how to load more photos the way I want to. I just can't get them to load right...or be able to get them on the post without making it too long because I can't get the pictures to line up side by side.

03 July 2012

Our Newest Family Member!

 Meet Millie!
The Shrack Family has a new member! Today, we adopted a new puppy! She's a Sharpei-Pug Mix who is about 8/9 months old-she was adopted as "Pup" but we changed her name. She's a rescue dog from a local shelter (Perfect Paws Pet Rescue), who even Ryan fell in love with!. We've thought about getting a puppy off and on for a few years, but never really wanted to commit because we lived in an apartment...now we live in our house and it just felt right!

Millie s getting used to her surroundings and she's trying to get used to Annalyse.  Annalyse is VERY excited to have Millie around.

Millie can't wait to meet all of our friends.....