21 August 2012

My 'day-cation'

Last June, I became a fulltime, stay at home mom...a job I love more than anything in the world! I love being at home with my princess everyday & being able to see her grow and change, but I DON'T like having to tell her no so much and having to always be the boss. Ryan and I used to do a lot of traveling before having Annalyse and now our traveling consists of either 1) going on vactions to visit family, 2) going on vacations WITH family, or 3) we do mini vacations arranged around work schedules so Ryan and I can attend the Temple. Rarely do we get to go on vacation just the 3 of us. I've been begging for one so last week Ryan, Annalyse, and I went for a short trip to Toledo, OH  to Maumee Bay State Park that has a beach area off of Lake Erie. It was so much fun! Annalyse loved being able to play in the water & I loved just letting her run and do whatever without having to really tell her no all the time. We packed a small lunch & ate it picnic style and just enjoyed the sun, water, sand, and even seagulls! Annalyse LOVES water & she loves playing in sand so it was just a great day. It was relaxing for both Ryan and me. I loved the recharge and being on vacation with my family.

She was so tired by the end of the day!

Our 3 Year old & her Lorax

Annalyse is a great-big-3 year old now! We had a little party at our house with just immeadate family-Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and 1st Cousins-
we have a lot of extended family but just didn't have the room to invite everyone and we had a pretty full house. I was so happy that everyone was willing to wear mustaches we made (Luna ate hers)

 The birthday girl was so excited when she saw her Lorax cake that we ordered for her. She wanted to be sure to be the one to eat the lorax. Annalyse has had a stuffed Lorax since she was about 7 months and we decided with all the party ideas that've been floating around on pinterest we'd better do one now.
Ryan made this door decoration, which stayed up for about 2 weeks and everytime we pulled into our driveway she would get so excited to see him again!!

What Color to choose?

We're finally getting around to painting our bedroom and have it down to 2 colors and we want YOUR opinion :) Mind you they're still a littl wet but hey we're excited! We bought 2 sample jars of the paint (which only comes in flat)
A side by side view

This is Behr "Silverberry" #670f-4

This is Behr "Quiet Veranda" #350F-4
We're hoping to get a good match with the night stands we bought at IKEA for $20 but I've looked for them on the website and fail to find them...if you're magic (unlike me) and can find them the # is 14729.

So...Facebook me & tell me your favorite! We really can't decide we love them both! Unfortunetly, we probably won't be able to buy new bedding to go with the beautiful new colors anytime soon...but the new paint is a motivator ;)

I promise (soon) we'll have a real blog update!
Thanks everyone

UPDATE: After letting the paints dry, we've decided that the yellow looks too much like dry urine & the purple is too dark, not as silvery as I had hoped for. Thank goodness Behr paint has sample cans ;)