21 August 2012

Our 3 Year old & her Lorax

Annalyse is a great-big-3 year old now! We had a little party at our house with just immeadate family-Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and 1st Cousins-
we have a lot of extended family but just didn't have the room to invite everyone and we had a pretty full house. I was so happy that everyone was willing to wear mustaches we made (Luna ate hers)

 The birthday girl was so excited when she saw her Lorax cake that we ordered for her. She wanted to be sure to be the one to eat the lorax. Annalyse has had a stuffed Lorax since she was about 7 months and we decided with all the party ideas that've been floating around on pinterest we'd better do one now.
Ryan made this door decoration, which stayed up for about 2 weeks and everytime we pulled into our driveway she would get so excited to see him again!!


  1. I wish we could have been there. I know it was immediate family but it would have been fun to share that special day with Annalyse. Can you believe how old she is?! It goes way too fast.

  2. We would have loved it if you would have been there!! I think that time does go too fast!

    Miss you guys!