21 August 2012

What Color to choose?

We're finally getting around to painting our bedroom and have it down to 2 colors and we want YOUR opinion :) Mind you they're still a littl wet but hey we're excited! We bought 2 sample jars of the paint (which only comes in flat)
A side by side view

This is Behr "Silverberry" #670f-4

This is Behr "Quiet Veranda" #350F-4
We're hoping to get a good match with the night stands we bought at IKEA for $20 but I've looked for them on the website and fail to find them...if you're magic (unlike me) and can find them the # is 14729.

So...Facebook me & tell me your favorite! We really can't decide we love them both! Unfortunetly, we probably won't be able to buy new bedding to go with the beautiful new colors anytime soon...but the new paint is a motivator ;)

I promise (soon) we'll have a real blog update!
Thanks everyone

UPDATE: After letting the paints dry, we've decided that the yellow looks too much like dry urine & the purple is too dark, not as silvery as I had hoped for. Thank goodness Behr paint has sample cans ;)

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