21 September 2012

Annual Johnny the Appleseed Festival & Fort Reinactment

In our house we have very few 'traditions', but one of them is that every year we attend Fort Wayne's Johnny the Appleseed Festival. This tradition started not long after Ryan & I were married. Each year, our niece Kirsten comes up to visit and we go. We always get at least one delicious treat, meet John Chapman (aka Johnny Appleseed), meet Abraham Lincoln, and get our faces painted. In fact, we've used the same face painters each year!  The first year that we went, Kirsten kept calling Johnny Appleseed Johnny the Appleseed & it's kind of stuck. We have posts from last year on here too, but I don't think we've posted about it every year.

Did you know that Fort Wayne has a historic fort? Well it does and we really enjoy going every year and attending the reenactment of the Siege. This year was the 200th anniversary of the Siege so they really went out and the reenactors were even better than last year! They had TONS of folks there...for those of you who are from Indiana, it's kind of like Conner Prairie, but about the city of Ft. Wayne. The fort isn't open all the time, everything is run by volunteers so they have a pretty short schedule, if that makes any sense. Ryan is a history buff so gets really into it.
It's been a year since we moved up here and we LOVE it! We have really enjoyed all the things that Ft. Wayne offers our little family. We have been incredibly blessed!

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