23 November 2012

Ellie the Elf

We have a new temporary house guest! Her name is Ellie (unless Annalyse changes her mind) and she is visiting from the North Pole. Ellie came to us in the mail straight from Santa himself. Annalyse and Aunt Melody (Jared's Fiance) walked out the mailbox to get the mail and the box from the North Pole was in there!  The package included a personalized letter from Santa explaining Ellie's job (that she's to silently watch Annalyse during the day and report back to Santa at night), Santa also warns that Ellie can get herself in to mischief too and that Annalyse needs to be a good example. Ellie also came with a Book that also helped to teach Annalyse about Elves and how their magic works. At the end of Santa's letter, he bore his testimony about the TRUE meaning of Christmas & the greatest gift of all, the Savior. We didn't get a photo of it, but Ellie sat on the doorbell chime for the rest of the evening. 
Each night after Ellie goes to the North Pole to report to Santa, she comes home and finds a new place to sit and watch. Ellie just returned from the North Pole and apparently Santa forgot to feed her a snack before coming back!!!  Stay tuned for more of Ellie's shinanigans until Christmas Eve when she returns to the North Pole until next year.
Stay tuned this Christmas Season to see what kind of stunts Ellie pulls! 
Why Did I give into the commercialism of the Elf on the Shelf? Last Christmas on pinterst I kept seeing the Elf on the Shelf & I really thought it was cute and that maybe this mischievous little elf could bring some extra Christmas fun into our Christmas festivities. I wanted to try to make my own, but i decided I didn't have the Patience. So, this year for black Friday we went to Hallmark and got elf on the shelf for $10 off its normal price...it was on sale PLUS I had a hallmark coupon!!

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