27 November 2012

First few days with Ellie

I really do think that the creators of Elf on the Shelf really did this so that the parents could have fun! Ryan and I LOVE setting this thing up each night!! Mind you its only been a few days but we aren't getting sick of her yet. Before we go to bed we get so excited!!

Annalyse is havinng a hard time buying the magic of Ellie sometimes. Even though she knows we're going to tell her that Ellie did it by magic, she still asks us how each morning after finding Ellie's new spot. First thing in the morning she RUNS to find Ellie. She had a really, really hard time this morning and was concered that for some reason Ellie didn't make it back home. Yesterday, I whipped up a felt skirt and Annalyse was really excited that Ellie was going to be able to show her new skirt to Santa. When Ellie made the mess with the toothpaste, Annalyse laughed but also scolded her too.

Day 1-Ellie makes breakfast
Day 2: Ellie finds the Fishfood
Day 3: Ellie gets into the toothpaste
Day 4 Ellie Climbs the dinning room light

For our home, Ellie has become a major hit.  Annalyse has called up grandparents, aunts, and uncles just to tell them what 'silly' thing Ellie did that day. 

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