23 November 2012

Happy Turkey Day

This Thanksgiving, we had a lot of fun! We chose to drive down Wednesday night to visit Mamaw (my "step"Mom) for just a little while and then we headed back up to the Farm to spend time with Ryan's parents and the rest of his family. This year was kind of bittersweet. While I enjoy spending time with Ryan's family...knowing that all my siblings are all out of state made me really "homesick" for them. Sometimes, I miss the holidays of my childhood.Though I'm sure that I'm looking back on them with rose colored glasses and an obvious sense of longing, I still miss all of being really young and cousins all getting together and singing (even though most of us were bad at it) and playing cards. Even as we got older & holidays got harder for us, there were still some good times to be had.

Anyway...we all seem to have a pretty good time when we're at the farm. The two little girls, Annalyse & Luna, are without a doubt the cutest ever. They definitely upstage the food :).
Visting Mamaw just be fore Thanksgiving
Family photo before swarming the Thanksgiving Feast
The two Turkeys, Luna & Annalyse. It's nearly impossible to get a photo with both girls looking at the camera
Mommy & Annalyse!
Luna. She's just so dang cute!
I know that we've missed SO many major events lately. We didn't post anything about our trip to Reno, Halloween or Luna's Birthday.  We've been really busy. I honestly think its the time of year. I'm teaching Seminary (an early morning Bible class for high schoolers), which seems to take up a lot more time than I ever thought and it seems like I'm always doing something. Blogging just doesn't make it on my list of things to do....or if it does it doesn't make it on my DONE list either. Maybe I should pawn some entries off to Ryan??

In our household we do have a lot to be thankful for this year. Our beautiful new home, our new dog, we're blessed that we're all healthy, and the list could really go on and on and on. It is the time of year where our hearts (should be) increasingly aware of how abundant our blessing are.

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