11 December 2012

Chore Jar & Rewards

Just before Annalyse turned 3, we decided that Annalyse should start doing a chore chart. The chores were simple and easy to complete. I made a chart that had photos of what needed to be done. For each chore she earned a ball, which was placed in a jar. Once full, her reward was that we would go bowling as a family. Her chores were making her bed, setting the dinner table, gathering the laundry, picking up her toys, straightening her book shelf, and helping load the dishwasher. She had one chore each day of the week--except for Sunday. In addition to her assigned chores that she did to fill her jar, she also had other family chores that weren't specifically assigned and she didn't get paid for. There were times when she was extra good or did something without being asking we gave her an extra ball.
 The full chore jar

Little did Annaslye know, her family bowling reward turned out to be a full-blown PARTY!! That's right folks...Ma, Pa, Aunt "Sumi", Uncle Tom, and Luna all came down to celebrate the full jar and Bowl the night away! We also went to see the Festival of Lights at Franke Park

This was Miss Luna's first bowling adventure

Together we had so much fun!!! We had a total of two lanes Annalyse was the high scorer in her lane and Uncle Tom won in our lane. Annalyse LOVES to bowl...she gets so excited!! Lucky for us, when we went to the Home Show this spring we won 50 free games of bowling to Crazy Pinz we can bowl and bowl and bowl!! We love Crazy Pinz its a great bowling alley!

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