10 December 2012

Ellie's Adventures

Ellie sure has been busy lately! We've had so much fun.
Day 5: Ellie wanted to help out by getting Bug's cereal but made a small mess

Day 6: Getting Millie's Dog Food

Day 7: Playing with Blocks
Day 8: Working hard at the Computer

Day 9: Sitting on the couch reading the Ensign

Day 10: Putting together Annalyse's favorite puzzle

Day 11: taking a Cotton Ball Bath

Day 12: All ready to take Millie out to Potty

Day 13: Coloring a picture of Roudolf

Day 14: She tipped over the change jar

Day 15: Hanging out in the Office pen holder

Day 16: if she's lucky, maybe she'll catch Elf on Netflix

Last night, Annalyse stayed the night with 'Ma' & 'Pa' last night and word on the street is that Ellie went to the farm this morning instead of coming home.

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