26 March 2013

What's Been Goin' on Here!

"With trials there are no exemptions, only variations."
- Neal A. Maxwell

I found this quote a while back when studying and thinking about trials and the trials that we're given.  Most of you know that Ryan and I are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I think that as members of the Church we sometimes have a different view of trials.  We're encouraged to try to look beyond the pain of our trials and find the joy and the purpose behind the trials that we are given.  Often times, we look at the trials we're given and compare them to our friends or other around us and we (sometimes) become envious of the trials they have and quickly want to 'trade'.  When I do this, I quickly hear the voice of the old lady in the Disney movie Brother Bear say "There is NO trading"  Neal A. Maxwell, reminds us that we all have trials and these trials vary from person to person. Believe it or not, I'm thankful for trials and I want to share something with you...

A trial that Ryan and I have shared is the trial of Secondary Infertility. After 2 years of trying to conceive a second child, we receive this diagnosis last June.  We were referred to a Dr. here in Ft. Wayne who specializes in infertility and quickly underwent a variety of tests to identify the problem and find a solution.  In September, we had our first treatment, which failed. After testing, doctors appointments and treatments, financially we were done trying until we could rebuild our savings and start again this year.  Before we had our second treatment this year, we asked those in our extended family who knew what was going on to join us in a family fast for the success of the treatment would try again this year. 

On February 13th, we had our second treatment done.  As we waited for the outcome, we were also keeping ourselves busy.  Ryan's brother was getting married in the beginning of March, which was an excellent distraction for us :) Jared and Melody were sealed in the Washington D.C. Temple and the sealing ceremony was beautiful.  It was great to be in the Temple and just feel the love of our Savior during the ceremony.

The following day, Annalyse wore this shirt:
That's Right folks! The procedure worked...we were finally expecting a baby Nov 7th.  We found out that it worked just a few DAYS before leaving for D.C. we were too excited not to share the news with our families.(we called my siblings).  When we got back to Indiana, we had a couple of hormone level checks and scheduled the 7week ultrasound.  Aside from being tired and hungry and an obvious food aversion to fried and fast foods (bummer).  The weeks C-R-A-W-L-E-D by!  On her own, Annalyse gives 'baby' a hug and kiss and includes her in every  prayer! She's such an amazing big sister already.
Finally, week 7 arrived! Ahh....We went into the office early this morning for our ultrasound. When you go to a fertility specialist, you really only see your actual Dr. the day of your initial consult and then when you either 1) conceive or 2) the treatments aren't successful and you need to reevaluate the treatment plan.  It was so nice to see Dr. Bopp today. We had our ultrasound. It was euphoric seeing that screen and hear the heart beat. So without adieu, here is the ultrasound photo.

Yes, folks, it's TWINS!!!! TWO BABIES! TWO amazing heartbeats, TWO little tiny babies the size of Blueberries!  The Dr. said that everything looks really beautiful and the babies are even measuring a couple of days big!! So, we've officially been 'transfered' over to the Dr. that we'll have deliver when it comes time. In Oct/Nov. Ryan, Annalyse, and I will be holding two brand new babies.  Blessing sent directly as a result of prayer, fasting, and endurance.  We are incredibly grateful for a little bit of light at the end of this portion of this particular trial. These little Miracles will forever change our lives and we're so excited!!!!
Like I said, I'm grateful for most of my trials. I usually learn a lot from them and I definitely become stronger as I'm going through there. Everyone has trials....each trial is different and have different impacts the lives of those who have to endure them.  Not every trial ends with TWO miracle babies...unfortunately some end with no baby and a broken heart.  We don't always have to smile when we're going through it....as long as we're trying to learn and we're relying on the Lord we'll get through.  There is light at the end of the tunnel...even the very, very long tunnels.