16 April 2013

Our Crazy Little Life...

We have been so busy since our announcement of the babies! We're so thankful for all of the congratulations and well wishes and are thankful for such good friends and family!!

The weekend following finding out about the babies, we had planned a trip down to Mississippi to visit my family.  We hadn't seen them since October when my sister moved down there.  It was so good to visit with them! We had a lot of fun being with them and celebrating Easter with them.  Whenever we go down there, there is never enough time to do or see everything.  Annalyse had a ton of fun being a shadow to her older cousin, Kirsten. The weather was a nice break from the cold that Indiana offered too.  We were definitely trying to squeeze a lot of outside time in :)  We decided to drive down and really the drive isn't that bad...except when you're me and you have a terrible time sleeping in cars! Annalyse was really good for the majority of the drive!!

The following weekend, we had visitors at our house-Tom, Yasumi, & Luna came up to visit us & we all went to see Disney on Ice!! The show was so much fun!!! Later, my sister Trinna, who was visiting from Nevada to meet a new nephew, also came up to stay at the house!! It was so much fun to have everyone over.  I love having a house full of people! I know it stresses some folks out, but not me.  People don't make it up to our house to stay the night often so it's a treat :) I normally try to make something good to eat and we just hang out.  This time...the food wasn't gourmet or anything (sometimes cooking doesn't set well with me these days), but we still had a ton of fun.  Miss Luna makes me laugh and smile so much...I love seeing how much she's growing and changing! Luna loves to follow her big cousin around, and she LOVES our dog, Millie!! Because Luna is so small, it's sometimes easy to forget that she's nearly 18 months old and that's she's not really a baby anymore!!!  Aunt Trinna & Annalyse had a camp out in the family room, which was a huge hit!! Family room camp outs are one of her newest things!!

This past weekend, Ryan and I went to the Columbus, OH Temple with Ryan's family.  Ryan's sister, Sarah, received her mission call to serve in the Philippians and she went through the Temple this past weekend in preparation for leaving in June. Attending the Temple is one of my most favorite things to do.  I think it's even extra special when you're going to be with someone when they're going through for their own ordinances.  While at the Temple, we also did a sealing session for ancestors who have already passed away.  (click here for info about LDS TEMPLES) It was a special session where the spirit was definitely there and there were times when I felt as if those who's work we were doing were present.  We are definitely ready for when the Indianapolis Temple will be built.  It will be a much closer, easier drive for us and we'll be able to (hopefully) attend much more regularly!!

I'm thankful that we've been able to be so busy! I'm grateful for friends, family, and the opportunity see and do so much!

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