16 April 2013

Photos from the past few weeks!

When I wrote my last post, I didn't have the camera handy to add photos. Here are just a few photos from the past few weeks.  Somehow, Trinna managed to avoid getting her picture taken when she was here!!
Me, Jessica, Annalyse & Kirsten at Fro-Yo

Tonya, Tommy, Jessica & Me! Hanging out by the park

It always takes her some time to warm up to Uncle Tommy, but once she does she's in love!

Another group shot with the kids

Ryan and me by the Gazeebo, Tommy took the photo!

While the girls were swimming, Tonya & I hung out :)

Uncle Tommy, Kirsten, & Annalyse-laying in bed!

Tommy crawled into bed with Ryan. 

Tom, Yasumi, Luna, Annaylse & me at Disney on Ice

Happy Birthday Tom!!!

Us after the Temple Session (Tom & Yasumi were there too, but had to leave before the photo was taken)

Annalyse & Luna coloring at the Mexican Resturant

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