28 April 2013

Springtime = Zoo Time

We LOVE the Zoo here in Fort Wayne! One of the best investments we ever made (aside from purchasing our home) has got to be our Zoo membership! During the spring, summer, and early fall we go several times a week...picking and choosing which sections we visit.  The areas they have are African Journey, Indonesian Rain Forest, Australia, and the Indiana Farm. Annalyse loves to look the animals.  She has two favorites #1 the Tigers and #2 the Lions.
April 20th was the Zoo's opening day, but it was cold and rainy so we didn't go, but we did go this past Monday and Saturday.  The weather was just too beautiful not to go. Between the two days, we went to each of the sections and saw all of the animals!
Mom & her Bug with Bill and Ina (the Lions) in the background
Lions' close up

We ran into one of Annalyse's newest best friends
Of course, the two of them were inseparable!
Just as we walked up to the Alligator, he moved right up to where Annalyse was sitting
At first, she was scared but seeing the gator so close was really neat too

Talking to someone from Australia-she kept answering his questions & loved it

Whenever we go to Australia, she has to get in the 'pouch'

Playing on a statue

When we go, we don't always take a ton of photos anymore because we have so many, but it's been a lot of fun to watch Annalyse grow as we go to the same place each summer (this is our 3rd summer). Each year, she remembers different things she's learned from the past.  Even she has started to get trips mixed up in her mind. 

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