11 May 2013

Mother's Day: Honoring ALL Women!

Happy Mother's Women's Day!!
To all the amazing women in my life.
I've been thinking a ton about mother's day lately. It's one of those holidays that, honestly, I could take or leave.  I put more thought into my (non existent) Halloween costume than I often do into Mother's day.  It's just not a holiday that I grew up celebrating or really thinking about. I had a great (step)Mom and a Granny who raised me, but it just wasn't a holiday that I put a lot into...once I grew up & moved to college a card and (maybe) a phone call...if I remembered...was about all they got from me. The holiday often came and went and I barely noticed.
Anyway-I've been thinking about it. There are so many women out there that struggle with this holiday as much as I do for a variety of reasons.  I have seen my close friends and women I admire struggle and hurt so much this time of year.  These friends and family who have suffered a loss of a baby through miscarriage or struggle with infertility. Women who would give anything to to have a baby in their arms on those beautiful Sundays in the month of May. There are women who struggle because their mothers are no longer here on this earth. There are women who struggle because their mothers weren't actually mothers to them. Sometimes, on those Sundays they stay home from church because they can't stand to hear the primary children sing the beautiful off-key songs to their mothers or they can't stand having to stand while the youth pass out a flower or other token gift at the end of Sacrament meeting. They just don't feel that this holiday is 'for them'. To those women, I say-I Love You and that I do understand how you're feeling.  I may not completely understand nor do I know exactly what you're going through.  I see your pain and feel a portion of your heartache...especially on this 'special' day.
I've had a variety of women who stepped in and became 'mothers' and role models of decent amazing women after my biological mother abandoned my siblings and me. To those women I say Thank You. I can't name you all because there are really a ton  of women who have impacted me and helped influence the woman and mother I am today. My stepMom, Jama, stepped in (and up) when I was really little and helped raise us, my Granny got custody of us when I was in the 6th grade, my two sisters (Trinna and Tonya), I had teachers who looked after me, Aunts who tried to help when we needed it, my Aunt Gen introduced me to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and completely changed the course of my life, Visiting Teachers, Relief Society teachers, Sister O'Dell (a Senior Missionary who served in the Institute program before my mission who has become like a grandma to me), Sister Moeller (my Mission President's wife), my mission companions, my Mother-in-Law...one heck of an amazing woman, my sister in laws (Sarah, Yasumi, Jessica, and Melody), and so many other friends and other women who have touched my life. Really the list is endless...maybe hallmark should just change Mother's Day to "Women's Day". It would make life much better! To all of these women I say: Thank You and I Love You!
Woah-This ended up being super long...sorry. 

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