18 August 2013

Rough Sunday....

The three of us had a rough time at Sacrament Meeting today. The day didn't start out horrible or anything, but by the time church started & we began singing hymns Annalyse had a major melt down. She's normally pretty good as we sit in our pew and listen to the speakers, the music, pray, and have the Sacrament, but for some reason today was different! We had begun the opening hymn...she had her hymnal out was trying the hymn we were singing (which can take some time)...then the hymn was over. The crying commenced...I mean HUGE tears....then during the ward/stake business portion of the meeting she started to freak out that she missed the opening hymn. Ryan took her out into the hall until she could settle down...HA! They came back in & immediately she went for that darn hymn book and wanted to sing the hymn (again). At one point, she was screaming as she and Ryan were walking out into the hall. It was awesome to see all the folks smiling (and probably laughing a little) as he escorted her out. So, I managed to take her back out...hymn book in tow...and the two of us sat on the couches in the hall as the Priesthood blessed and passed the Sacrament. We sang two hymns and sat and waited to go back in...suddenly BOOM another tantrum! She was laying all over the floor crying & kicking.  I'm trying with all might might to pull her up & calm her down.  I convinced her to walk with me back to the restroom to wipe her face with cool water to help her calm down. As she calmed down, we walked back in & a different child appeared before my eyes: a quiet, reverent, happy little girl. I was so happy.
Later, I remembered this quote that I had pinned on my pinterst board & I even looked it up.
There you have it, even during tantrums when I feel like I'm definitely doing something wrong, I'm still SUPER MOM!!!!!
Believe it or not, I'm grateful for the other Moms, Dads, Grandmas, and Grandpas who sweetly smiled as she threw her tantrum.  It let me know that all parents have similar experiences as they try to attend their church meetings. I'm sure I'll have many, many more experiences like this TIMES TWO!! 
To my friends out there with little ones who have these experiences too....Remember: YOU ARE ALSO SUPER MOM or SUPER DAD!!!
Don't worry folks, the remainder of church went fine. No more tantrums or tears. :)

04 August 2013

Baby Bump Shots

Okay, So I'm completely horrible at making sure we take baby Bump shots. It's not something I think about as I count the weeks til I hit 40 38, but I've had some friends ask about Bump shots So I thought I'd post the few that I have taken. Even I was shocked when I realized that I only had 3...seriously 3! That kind of amazed me...but as you can see the obligatory photos are normally taken just before bed and I'm always in my PJ's.
I can't promise future BUMP posts, but I will try. I'm just not a posed photo kind of person...I hate posed photos with a passion....
I quickly decided to pull some Bump photos from when I was expecting Annalyse and I realized that I stopped taking photos at 28 weeks. Below, here is a photo of me with Annalyse at 26 weeks. I was surprised when I put the this time's 25wk photo and the 26wk photo side by side I wasn't that much bigger than what I thought I was...because honestly this time around I feel waaaaay bigger! 

Solomon Siblings: A Rare Occurance!!!

This past June was pretty busy for us.  Despite all that, I can't believe I completely forgot to to blog about one of biggest highlights of my summer...all of my siblings and myself were all in Indiana at the SAME TIME. And not just being in the same state, but for the most part we were in the same city, house, backyard, or vehicle the entire weekend. This does not happen all that often. We all live in different places Reno, NV, Vicksburg Mississippi, Anderson, IN, and Ft. Wayne, IN. For years now, my Dad's health has been rocky and hasn't had the best prognosis. So, when my brother made last minute plans to come up to visit from MS my sister also made last minute plans to visit from NV. We spent time visiting with my dad and visiting with whatever family we could catch up with last minute. We had so much fun.  Thankfully, Ryan was around to be the photographer! 
Tonya, Tommy, Trinna, and Betty Jo
Tommy, Tony (our Dad), Tonya, Betty Jo, Trinna, and Annalyse
Sisters: Trinna, Tonya, and Betty Jo

Annalyse loves to photo bomb-especially funny faced poses
 While we were all together, we went over to my Aunt Connie's house to kind of surprise her with all of us being together & boy was she surprised. We weren't able to drive everywhere to see everyone and she offered to have a BBQ at her house and invited as many cousins that would be able to make it on such short notice.  It was great. We rarely are able to get together with extend family.
Aunt Connie & Uncle Ron with the 4 of us and Annalyse

There are 15 first cousins in our generation of Solomons...getting 8 of us together
in the same place is quite an accomplishment!

These 7 beauties are some of the children from the org. 15.
If I added correctly there are a total of 10...I think these cousins missed the other 3 terribly
After the BBQ, we all headed up to our house in Ft. Wayne to hang out and sleep until it was time to go to Indy to catch a flight. After taking a walk, playing at the park, and settling in for the night, we started a game of Monopoly (WWII edition). At first the game started out just fine, but after the 3rd hour of playing everyone was really tired and very slap happy. 

Annalyse & Kirsten having a 'camp out' in the family room
Everyone else still playing at the table.
I went to bed around midnight or so. I was exhausted, but Tommy, Trinna, Tonya, and Ryan stayed up all night and headed to the airport in the early morning hours to take Trinna to the airport. When they got back around 7 or 8 everyone crashed until they had to return to Anderson in the afternoon.
The past week or so, I've been missing my siblings a lot. Wishing we could spend some time together again...especially wishing that my sisters and I could just hang out. Lucky for me, this fall everyone who lives out of state have plans on coming to visit after the babies arrive.  While it may not be at the exact same time like it was in June, I'm sure I'll enjoy the time together. I'll probably equally enjoy the help with the two new babies that'll be joining us. 

03 August 2013

Neither a Baby nor a Toddler, but a Great Big 4 Year old!

4 Years Old?!
I haven't a clue how she got so old so fast, but somehow she has managed to go from a 8lb 8oz newborn to a 43lb little girl who sings, dances, twirls, and so, so much more!
For the past year, Annalyse has been saying she wanted a Princess themed party, but a few weeks ago she said she only wanted a Snow White. I'm telling you, it was pretty easy! Blue, Yellow, and Red decorations and cupcake icing, add a crown and you're good to go. We invited grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  After Singing, Cake/Ice Cream, and presents, we loaded up the vans and headed to our favorite park and splash pad and played and played. Since we've had such cool weather, there weren't many people there so even the 'big kids' played in the water...personally I think the boys had more fun than the kids did. While Luna didn't care much for the splash pad, she really like the small playground and the tube. Kirsten and Annalyse had fun helping the boys get each other nearly soaked.
The Big Girl and her Cupcakes

Aunt Tonya, Kirsten, and the Birthday Girl

This year she had a lot of surprises to open and she loved every minute of it. Thanks to everyone!

Catching water in the buckets...Luna wasn't a fan
Jared, Melody, and Cindy

Luna and Aunt B-Jo playing on the little playground...so much more fun than the water
She LOVED crawling through the tube
Kirsten & Tom chasing Jared to soak him!
Ryan took an awesome action shot!

Jared was probably on the receiving end of these water buckets more than anyone else!
I don't think he minded too much!

Finally the girls getting each other!

Tom and Yasumi tried so hard to get Luna to play in the water

What does a 4 year old LOVE more than anything in the world??
Anything Princess...she also still loves her Lorax
Purple is her absolute favorite color
Breakfast: Lucky Charms (thanks to those pesky commercials) or yogurt
Lunch: Peanut Butter and Jelly
Dinner: Mac and Cheese
Ice Cream: Vanilla or Rainbow (which at TCBY is actually vanilla flavored)
Restaurant: Bob Evans
Activity: Bowling, playing dress up, and going to the Zoo
Primary Song: I Love to See the Temple or I Am a Child of God
Animal: Lions and Tigers
 Place: Ma and Pa's farm
She loves to travel, receive mail, play with her cousins, and Swim or play in the water.
She's most excited to become a big sister and start preschool this fall.
Major Events this past year:
at the age of 3 she traveled to Reno, California, Mississippi, and Washington D.C. She was able to see both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean in less than an year
She 'graduated' from nursery to Primary and became a Sunbeam
She was moved out of a toddler bed and into a twin bed
She, occasionally, takes Millie out by herself and feeds Millie breakfast each morning
I'm sure there are more, but I can't think of any.

Vernon & Reed Family Reunion

Time goes by fast...and I don't think you quite realize it unless you have something that is kind of a marker of time. One of the things that helps are family reunions. The Vernon & Reed families both host a family reunion/get together every two years. It's a great way to measure time and see how much everyone has changed
Cousins playing music together
The Vernon side hanging out while eating and kids playing
 During the first Reed Reunion in July '09, Ryan and I were expecting Annalyse in just a couple of weeks.  Two years later, Tom and Yasumi were expecting Luna in the fall. This year, both Luna and Annalyse had so much with each other, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  One of Annalyse's most favorite things in the world to do is SWIM. Within 10-15 minutes of arriving and checking into our Rooms/Cabins at Turkey Run State Park Annalyse had her suit on and she and Pa were in the pool! One of my most favorite things about the reunion is that most the activities we do aren't planned or structured. Sure there are a few things that we do like meals, a euchre tournament, and a few get-to-know-you activities for the younger cousins, but for the most part everything is completely up to you. Most people go on hikes/walks, canoeing, swimming, and, of course, lots of talking & hanging out. 

Uncle Ron, Tom, Jared, and Ryan

Annalyse playing with an older cousin while waiting for Dinner Time

Some of the younger cousins that played in the get-to-know you games

Annalyse, Yasumi, and Luna Swimming

Luna & Great Ma (Cindy's Mom)

Tom, Me (Betty Jo), Ron, and Doug playing euchre (Tom and I lost)

Ron, Luna, and Annalyse playing with blocks

Mike, Annalyse and I (Betty Jo) on a small walk near the cabin...Ryan is taking the photo

Jared & Melody while Canoeing

Playing a game on the i-pad duirng some down time

Great Ma, Great Pa, Ryan, Annalyse and I saying good bye

At Jared & Melody's campsite having some breakfast
Hanging out and playing games

Sometime during our travels during the long reunion weekend Annalyse, Ma and Pa passed out in the back of the van