04 August 2013

Baby Bump Shots

Okay, So I'm completely horrible at making sure we take baby Bump shots. It's not something I think about as I count the weeks til I hit 40 38, but I've had some friends ask about Bump shots So I thought I'd post the few that I have taken. Even I was shocked when I realized that I only had 3...seriously 3! That kind of amazed me...but as you can see the obligatory photos are normally taken just before bed and I'm always in my PJ's.
I can't promise future BUMP posts, but I will try. I'm just not a posed photo kind of person...I hate posed photos with a passion....
I quickly decided to pull some Bump photos from when I was expecting Annalyse and I realized that I stopped taking photos at 28 weeks. Below, here is a photo of me with Annalyse at 26 weeks. I was surprised when I put the this time's 25wk photo and the 26wk photo side by side I wasn't that much bigger than what I thought I was...because honestly this time around I feel waaaaay bigger! 

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