18 August 2013

Rough Sunday....

The three of us had a rough time at Sacrament Meeting today. The day didn't start out horrible or anything, but by the time church started & we began singing hymns Annalyse had a major melt down. She's normally pretty good as we sit in our pew and listen to the speakers, the music, pray, and have the Sacrament, but for some reason today was different! We had begun the opening hymn...she had her hymnal out was trying the hymn we were singing (which can take some time)...then the hymn was over. The crying commenced...I mean HUGE tears....then during the ward/stake business portion of the meeting she started to freak out that she missed the opening hymn. Ryan took her out into the hall until she could settle down...HA! They came back in & immediately she went for that darn hymn book and wanted to sing the hymn (again). At one point, she was screaming as she and Ryan were walking out into the hall. It was awesome to see all the folks smiling (and probably laughing a little) as he escorted her out. So, I managed to take her back out...hymn book in tow...and the two of us sat on the couches in the hall as the Priesthood blessed and passed the Sacrament. We sang two hymns and sat and waited to go back in...suddenly BOOM another tantrum! She was laying all over the floor crying & kicking.  I'm trying with all might might to pull her up & calm her down.  I convinced her to walk with me back to the restroom to wipe her face with cool water to help her calm down. As she calmed down, we walked back in & a different child appeared before my eyes: a quiet, reverent, happy little girl. I was so happy.
Later, I remembered this quote that I had pinned on my pinterst board & I even looked it up.
There you have it, even during tantrums when I feel like I'm definitely doing something wrong, I'm still SUPER MOM!!!!!
Believe it or not, I'm grateful for the other Moms, Dads, Grandmas, and Grandpas who sweetly smiled as she threw her tantrum.  It let me know that all parents have similar experiences as they try to attend their church meetings. I'm sure I'll have many, many more experiences like this TIMES TWO!! 
To my friends out there with little ones who have these experiences too....Remember: YOU ARE ALSO SUPER MOM or SUPER DAD!!!
Don't worry folks, the remainder of church went fine. No more tantrums or tears. :)

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