04 August 2013

Solomon Siblings: A Rare Occurance!!!

This past June was pretty busy for us.  Despite all that, I can't believe I completely forgot to to blog about one of biggest highlights of my summer...all of my siblings and myself were all in Indiana at the SAME TIME. And not just being in the same state, but for the most part we were in the same city, house, backyard, or vehicle the entire weekend. This does not happen all that often. We all live in different places Reno, NV, Vicksburg Mississippi, Anderson, IN, and Ft. Wayne, IN. For years now, my Dad's health has been rocky and hasn't had the best prognosis. So, when my brother made last minute plans to come up to visit from MS my sister also made last minute plans to visit from NV. We spent time visiting with my dad and visiting with whatever family we could catch up with last minute. We had so much fun.  Thankfully, Ryan was around to be the photographer! 
Tonya, Tommy, Trinna, and Betty Jo
Tommy, Tony (our Dad), Tonya, Betty Jo, Trinna, and Annalyse
Sisters: Trinna, Tonya, and Betty Jo

Annalyse loves to photo bomb-especially funny faced poses
 While we were all together, we went over to my Aunt Connie's house to kind of surprise her with all of us being together & boy was she surprised. We weren't able to drive everywhere to see everyone and she offered to have a BBQ at her house and invited as many cousins that would be able to make it on such short notice.  It was great. We rarely are able to get together with extend family.
Aunt Connie & Uncle Ron with the 4 of us and Annalyse

There are 15 first cousins in our generation of Solomons...getting 8 of us together
in the same place is quite an accomplishment!

These 7 beauties are some of the children from the org. 15.
If I added correctly there are a total of 10...I think these cousins missed the other 3 terribly
After the BBQ, we all headed up to our house in Ft. Wayne to hang out and sleep until it was time to go to Indy to catch a flight. After taking a walk, playing at the park, and settling in for the night, we started a game of Monopoly (WWII edition). At first the game started out just fine, but after the 3rd hour of playing everyone was really tired and very slap happy. 

Annalyse & Kirsten having a 'camp out' in the family room
Everyone else still playing at the table.
I went to bed around midnight or so. I was exhausted, but Tommy, Trinna, Tonya, and Ryan stayed up all night and headed to the airport in the early morning hours to take Trinna to the airport. When they got back around 7 or 8 everyone crashed until they had to return to Anderson in the afternoon.
The past week or so, I've been missing my siblings a lot. Wishing we could spend some time together again...especially wishing that my sisters and I could just hang out. Lucky for me, this fall everyone who lives out of state have plans on coming to visit after the babies arrive.  While it may not be at the exact same time like it was in June, I'm sure I'll enjoy the time together. I'll probably equally enjoy the help with the two new babies that'll be joining us. 

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