03 August 2013

Vernon & Reed Family Reunion

Time goes by fast...and I don't think you quite realize it unless you have something that is kind of a marker of time. One of the things that helps are family reunions. The Vernon & Reed families both host a family reunion/get together every two years. It's a great way to measure time and see how much everyone has changed
Cousins playing music together
The Vernon side hanging out while eating and kids playing
 During the first Reed Reunion in July '09, Ryan and I were expecting Annalyse in just a couple of weeks.  Two years later, Tom and Yasumi were expecting Luna in the fall. This year, both Luna and Annalyse had so much with each other, grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  One of Annalyse's most favorite things in the world to do is SWIM. Within 10-15 minutes of arriving and checking into our Rooms/Cabins at Turkey Run State Park Annalyse had her suit on and she and Pa were in the pool! One of my most favorite things about the reunion is that most the activities we do aren't planned or structured. Sure there are a few things that we do like meals, a euchre tournament, and a few get-to-know-you activities for the younger cousins, but for the most part everything is completely up to you. Most people go on hikes/walks, canoeing, swimming, and, of course, lots of talking & hanging out. 

Uncle Ron, Tom, Jared, and Ryan

Annalyse playing with an older cousin while waiting for Dinner Time

Some of the younger cousins that played in the get-to-know you games

Annalyse, Yasumi, and Luna Swimming

Luna & Great Ma (Cindy's Mom)

Tom, Me (Betty Jo), Ron, and Doug playing euchre (Tom and I lost)

Ron, Luna, and Annalyse playing with blocks

Mike, Annalyse and I (Betty Jo) on a small walk near the cabin...Ryan is taking the photo

Jared & Melody while Canoeing

Playing a game on the i-pad duirng some down time

Great Ma, Great Pa, Ryan, Annalyse and I saying good bye

At Jared & Melody's campsite having some breakfast
Hanging out and playing games

Sometime during our travels during the long reunion weekend Annalyse, Ma and Pa passed out in the back of the van

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  1. I love this post!!!! And the pics are great. Such wonderful reunion memories!!