02 November 2013

Catching Up...September Part 1

So, let's rewind for a blog post or two and look back to the month of September. We were pretty busy in the month of September. We had some fun times that I don't really want forgotten about. 
Annalyse had her first day of preschool! I think Ryan and I were more nervous than she was.  Despite being a little quiet in the van on the way, she had a great first day! The Preschool we chose to send her to focuses on both academics and physical activity.  She attends 3 days a week from 8:45-11:15 and during those few short hours she gets to have art,gym & music class along with an excellent education where she learns letters, shapes, colors, and even some basic geography. She LOVES going to preschool and showing off some of the papers she brings home.
September was also our annual visit to the Johnny Appleseed Festival. We go every year and always have a lot of fun. The week of the festival this year, I was put on a modified bed rest and the Dr. would only allow me to go to the festival if I 1) walked only a for a short time and 2) allowed Ryan to push me in a wheelchair for the majority of the festival. So, that's what I did! We don't have any photos of me being wheeled around, but we have a ton of photos of Kirsten, Annalyse, and my sister Tonya. 
Kirsten, Tonya, Annalyse, and I sitting on a bail of straw
Annalyse, Tonya, and Kirsten by the Kettle Corn booth
All the vendors and reenactors wear period style clothing
the girls were able to get a photo with a few
 Every year, a Boy Scout troop set up games and activities this Tonya got tickets for the girls to try them out. One of the favorites was the "bull ride". Annalyse and Kirsten did an excellent job, but I believe that Annalyse out "rode" Kirsten.

 We were lucky enough to get a good set of photos of Annalyse riding
Every year, I blog about the festival and how much fun we have.  It really is a good time. If you live anywhere near Fort Wayne and haven't had a chance to experience the festival you NEED to!

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