02 November 2013

The Final Belly Shot & Some Introductions...

Before I get to the real reason for this post, here is a final belly shot at 33 weeks! I didn't get an official 34 week shot before we delivered so this is the last one of my (few) belly shots)
Now that that's over, now for some fun photos! When you have NICU babies, your babies don't get to "room-in" with you so you don't get all of the visitors in the hospital and if they do come most of them don't get to meet and/or hold the babies. Since coming home, we still haven't had the opportunity to really show them off. They're slowly meeting close friends and family and we've tried out best to take a photo when that happens, but sometimes it's kind of chaotic so it doesn't always happen. With that being said, please don't be offended if you don't have a photo here..we aren't intentionally leaving anyone out...I promise!!!

Jared and Melody-they've met both babies, but we only have a
photo of them with Grant because Lauren was still in NICU
Aunt Tonya & Kirsten
Our best friends, Kim & Phil
Mike (aka Pa)
Dr. Bopp (our Fertility Specialist) his office is above our pediatrician's
so we stopped in to show them off
Lauren had an appointment with her Dermatologist so we had some impromptu introductions in Anderson so Grant and Lauren could me their Papaw (my Dad)
My Dad. None of the photos on our camera turned
out very well
My Aunt Connie
Sarah, Becca, and Tammy along with my sister, Trinna
Meeting Great-Grandpa & Great-Grandma Shrack (Harvey & Becky).
Like I said earlier, we missed taking a couple of photos when folks were visiting OR they were taken on someone else's camera and we don't have them. 

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