01 February 2014

Welcoming in 2014

Last year, we had a little New Year's Eve gathering at our house.We had so much fun that we decided to do it again this year. We don't do anything fancy...just a lot of random food, playing games, and watching the ball drop on TV. Whoever wants to come is invited...especially if you're willing to play with kids so we us grown ups can play games (thankfully Pa or Ma normally took the job this year).  Just like last year, on New Years day we all went bowling, which one of Annalyse's favorite things!

Annalyse and Pa playing Peanut Butter & Jelly
There's nothing like homemade pizza!
Luna playing with the Kitchen
Ma holding Lauren and Luna playing
Daddy with an armful
Pa dancing with Annalyse and Luna
Happy 2014: Hump Day (Wednesday)
Tom and Jared making breakfast!
Jared and Annalyse bowling
She LOVES to bowl!
Ma helping Luna with her ball
Yasumi & Luna
Happy 2014!!

December 2013 (Part 2)

This post is ALL about Christmas! We love Christmas! This year was so much fun!
Santa visited a Subway near our home. Parents can bring their kids and cameras. The kids get to sit and visit with Santa, draw photos, and they even get a coupon for a free kid's meal and cookie. This is the 2nd year that we've gone and we prefer to go there than to go to the mall.  While we were there, a reporter for one of the local community newspapers were covering the activity, taking photos, and interviewing parents and children. Along with taking a photo of our family, he also interviewed Ryan and  I for a column in his paper! Santa was a little nervous holding the babies, but he did great! I had no intention of being in the photo, but Annalyse was having a difficult time with Santa. Later, however she colored him a picture and went up to talk to him. I'm still not sure if she actually told him what she wanted for Christmas.  It snowed the same day that we visited Santa and Ryan took Annalyse outside to make snow angels.

Like many families, we have a tradition of giving the kids Christmas pajamas on Christmas Eve along with reading about the birth of Jesus Christ.  We like to spend Christmas morning at our house  to do breakfast and open gifts and later we normally go to Ryan's parents house and join the rest of his family for the rest of the day. There we do the normal Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa stuff and wait for time to call to our family's missionaries. Yasumi and Luna had been in Japan since August and Christmas day was the first time that we got to see them since they returned the week earlier. The farm was kinda "empty" this year since we were missing our missionaries along with Jared and Melody, who were visiting Arizona. 
Christmas Eve Pjs

I made the stockings for the kids & our dog
Santa ate his cookies & drank the milk and Ellie (our elf)
wrote a letter saying goodbye
Lauren, Annalyse, and Grant with their stockings
Grant and his stocking
Lauren with her stocking
Annalyse made this snowman family painting for our family
in preschool-it was probably our most favorite gift of the year.
Aunt Trinna sent drawings of Tweedle He & Tweedle "She"
for the twins. We love it!
Annalyse and Luna-Santa's Helpers
Our Millie girl in her Santa shirt
Luna hold Grant & Lauren for the first time
Tom, Yasumi, and Luna with the twins
Annalyse, Grant & Lauren made this for Ma & Pa
The family Christmas picture
 Last but not least, just after Christmas my brother Charles came up to visit and meet my kids. He had a lot of fun playing barbies with Annalyse and Peanut Butter and Jelly (Annalyse's favorite new card game).

December 2013 (Part 1)

December was (as usual) was a crazy, busy month for us! We had so much go on that I'm going to write use a few posts to cove it all. 
We started the month of with the Grant & Lauren's baby blessing. It was a sweet & special moment for us. Lauren's blessing dress was the same blessing dress that Annalyse wore and Grant is wearing a spiffy bow tie made by our friend Kim.It is was a dress made by Aunt Connie using the fabric from the dress that I was baptized in. Ryan's brothers (Jared & Tom), his Grandpa (Harvey), his Dad (Mike), and our friend Phil.
That same week, my brother (Tommy) and his wife (Jessica) came up to visit from Mississippi. It was so much fun having them here!! We visited other family members, ate a lot of food, shopped a little, and celebrated a Christmas a little early too! They hadn't met the babies yet so this was their first time meeting them. Annalyse is usually timid of them at first, but this time she was 100% Uncle Tommy & Aunt Jessica!!! She felt so comfortable with them and really had a great time picking on Tommy and she and Jessica really bonded! They had so much fun together.  My sister (Tonya) and her daughter (Kirsten) also spent a lot of time with us too! It was great to have them all here. The only person we were missing was Trinna, who was still lives in Nevada.  My siblings are so supportive and understanding.  We had a lot of fun together!!
Tommy & Jessica with Grant & Lauren

Aunt Jessica-She was timid of holding both babies at once
but did amaZing!

Meeting my Stepmom (Mamaw) for the first time
Me, Tonya, and Tommy
Annalyse, Millie, Tommy, the Twins, and Kirsten

Aunt Jessica with Annalyse and Rainbow Dash (her build a bear creation/Christmas present)

Annalyse, Tonya, the Twins, and Kirsten
 By now, you're wondering...does Annalyse get any attention in our house. I assure you that she does! She had her FIRST Christmas program at preschool this year. The class sang songs, danced, and showed us some of the things they've learned so far this year.  She really enjoys preschool! Her favorite class is GYM and as of late she's been OBSESSED with writing letters and trying to figure out how to make rules. Her best friend, Mia, is sitting next to her in the blue shirt. Ryan's Aunt Denise was visiting from Kansas and joined Grandma and Grandpa to watch the program, but the photo we took wouldn't load.