13 October 2014

Road Trip-Part 1 (IN-NV)

A while back Ryan & I decided to take a road trip out west.  We decided to go out for my sister's birthday and we'd stop and visit family along the way. When we told people about our plans, they really thought we were a little crazy to take a 5 year old and 2 not 1 year olds on a cross country adventure. I had never driven cross country before and thought we'd do all right (and we did). Our adventure took us 12 days, nearly 5600 miles, 5 states, 15 movies, and a lot of snacks. We got really lucky we only hit a little bit of construction, there was only one major detour because of a car accident, and we only made about 15 or so unplanned rest stops. We had a lot of fun and would probably do it again in the future.  Cost wise it just made sense to do drive instead of fly & the added bonus was that we got a chance to stop and visit with family all along the way.  We took a total of 1,744 pictures and there's no way anyone but us would want to see all of them so I'm going to try to do this in about 3 posts with just a few photos.
We made it just south of Indianapolis before someone needed stop to eat or use the restroom so we took these photos at a rest stop. 
Our first (and last stop) was in Kanas. We spent the night with Aunt Sheila and Uncle Bill. and had a lot of fun. It was about a 10 hour drive (or so) to get there after stops and Annalyse was really happy to be able to just play. She loved playing and helping Aunt Shelia.
We got up the next day and headed to Colorado where we stayed with Aunt Rachel and Uncle Dean. They live on a farm with pigs and Annalyse discovered their foosball table, played games and helped out.  She had so much fun here too.

 We also stopped in Utah twice. The first time, we spent the night in Provo with a couple that served a CES mission in Muncie when Ryan and I were both at Ball State. The O'Dells are like family to Ryan and me. I'm so glad glad that it worked out that we were able to spend some time there.

If anyone knows Ryan (or myself) they know that we love the restaurant Wingers. Whenever we go out west it's always one of those places we try to squeeze in to eat. We stopped in Elko, NV this time. The restaurant is similar to a B'Dubs, but for some reason we just love to eat here.

We made it to Reno. We stayed here for about 3 days to visit my sister, Trinna. When we went out to NV a couple of years ago we went to Lake Tahoe for just a little while on our way out to San Francisco, but this time we didn't want to add California to our trip so we spent the morning at Lake Tahoe. As you drive around there are a few rest stops with short trails leading to the water so we took one of those before finding a public beach area so Annalyse could explore and search for shells (the one thing that she wanted to do on this trip). We didn't plan this out very well...we didn't bring swim outfits, towels, blankets, or anything to really make a trip to the beach enjoyable, but that didn't stop us.  The twins ended up playing in the water and sand, Annalyse managed to 'go swimming'. It's was late September so the weather and the water was cold, but it was a good time anyway. Next trip to Reno, we're planning on taking a proper trip to Nevada beach.


Here are a few random pics from the rest of our Reno visit. We went to Carson City, the state capital, and we ate at The Buffett in the Eldorado Casino. We did a lot of just hanging out with Aunt Trinna, Uncle Adam, and their fur children, Bruno and Lance.  

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