13 October 2014

Road Trip -Part 2 (Riverton, UT)

Okay, so we took a TON of photos when we were in Riverton, UT visiting Ryan's Uncle Ron because a lot of cousins came to see us and there were a TON of kids/babies to take photos of. So here's a glimpse of the Riverton visit.  Utah is one of my top 5 most favorite places in the entire world. There are few places that I feel like I'm home (aside from Indiana or the Temple) and Utah is one of those places.  There is definitely a reason why the Lord called me to serve a full time mission there.
This is a general look at our backseat while driving. Funny Face chewing on a leg and Bug having watching a movie.

We stayed 2 nights in Riverton, the first night we had dinner, visited, and just hung out. The second day, the 5 of us went to Temple Square in the morning, to Grandma and Grandpa Reeds in the afternoon, and we spent the evening with everyone at Uncle Ron's. They were nice enough to host dinner were cousins came over to their house to play games and just hang out. 
 Wherever we went, Annalyse liked to help out in the kitchen and she was pretty thrilled that Uncle Ronnie also had a foosball table!

Visiting Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Reed (aka Great Ma & Great Pa)


 On the Reed side, there were 5 babies born in about 6 months apart we were able to get a photo with 4 of the 5 babies, but it wasn't easy.  Here's a little bit of the chaos. It was so sad that Baby B and her family weren't able to make it up from Kanab.

 From Left to Right: Ryker, Taylor, Grant, and Lauren

In a perfect world, we would have been able to get pictures of everyone, but that didn't happen. I'm not the one who takes most of the pictures in our family...Ryan is. He tries to get photos of everyone, but its hard when you're also caught up in visiting and catching up with family members you don't see on a regular basis.  There were a total of 6 kids...7 if you include Damien, and a ton of adult cousins, and their spouses. You're  bound to miss someone.  

Annalyse doesn't get a chance to play with kids her own age when we go to family reunions and such. Most of the cousins or second cousins are either quite a bit older than her or a few years younger, but Regan is only 4 months younger! These two girls had a blast! They basically separated themselves from the party going on upstairs and just played with each other while we were visiting. It was so sad seeing these two say goodbye when we left for New Mexico. 

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