14 October 2014

The Twins are 1!

On October 1st, the twins turned a year old! I can't believe how fast the year went or how much has happened! We chose to do a simple Mickey and Minnie themed party. Someone in our ward taught me some basic cake decorating tips and I also solicited the help from my brother in law, Tom, in helping with creating the smash cakes for the twins. We decided to order cupcakes and I made Ears and Minnie bows for the rest.
 Before the cake and Ice Cream everyone just kind of hung out, talked and visited for a while. it was pretty low key, but still a lot of fun.

Mommy and Daddy with the Birthday Babies
All 5 of  us!
 I think the whole singing Happy Birthday to them along with the candles was a little overwhelming!

 Funny Face and her cake. She's normally the more reserved baby especially when it comes to trying food, but she loved it! We're working on getting them to use sippy cups so when she took it while eating the cake, we were thrilled :)
 Little man eating his cake. We knew that he'd LOVE diving into his cake.  Great Pa Shrack (Harvey) was sitting next to him and Grant decided that he needed to share his cake too. So, Grandpa took a small piece. I think most of us thought it was the sweetest thing!

 Mommy and Daddy had to get in on the Cake action too. Lauren shared a bite with me & I think Daddy may have gotten a sticky kiss from Grant.  Good Times!
As soon as the cake was over, we plopped the babies in the tub and washed off all the icing. Boy was it a mess, but surprisingly, it came off pretty easily. Even the dark, black icing. After baths, Big Sis, Annalyse, helped the twins open their gifts. We had such a great time.

We lucked out with these little ones. I'm so glad that the Lord has blessed us with them in our family. I'm thankful that they are happy and healthy! Adjusting to life with the twins wasn't easy, but it has been the best year! They bring us so much happiness! Many people have warned us that life with twins doesn't get easier until their about 3, but I kind of like life where it is and wouldn't wish that it go any faster than it already has.

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